Adrenalin 3mm Neoprene Socks

These 3mm neoprene socks are a great product for keeping your wet feet warm, summer or winter and have the added bonus of keeping the sand away from your feet - reducing abrasion and discomfort when paddling or walking around. They also will cover that gap betweemn your long pants and shoes that sandflies and other biting insects attack.

The Adrenalin 3mm neoprene sock is made of 3 pieces of high quality neoprene, so it is flat-stitched around the rim of the 'sole' piece - no raised seams to rub or constrict.

You still need to wear paddling shoes! Socks alone cannot protect you against sharp objects you might step on and you will unnecessarily wear through them walking around on rough surfaces.

These socks are great for wearing inside your water shoes or fins for a wide variety of water sports.

Adrenalin Dive Sock - note robust paddling water shoe!

Adrenalin Dive Sock - note robust paddling water shoe!