NRS Kicker Remix Booties

These booties tick all the boxes for a paddling bootie! They have a flexible sole so you can feel the foot pegs and still fit your feet down the end of the cockpit, but the sole is thick enough to protect you against the sharp objects you might encounter at landing and launching.

The 3mm neoprene upper helps keep your feet warm - add some thermal or neoprene socks for added warmth in cold waters. These booties are durable - they will not wear out too quickly.

You want your booties to stay on - not fall off if you take a swim in surf or have them sucked off in glutinous low-tide muddy environments (Don't go there! Wait for the tide to come in!). These booties have a small opening at the top so they are high on your foot (helps keep sand out) and with a drawstring - the opening might be tight but it helps keep them on.