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Based in London, England, Aquapac designs and manufactures original and top-quality waterproof protective cases. They have an enviable reputation or rugged hardwearing cases that guarantee 100% waterproof dry containment.

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Review: "The cases themselves survived without showing any sign of having been on the Mississippi for two months, and after a quick wipe they were good as new and ready for my next trip. My one regret is that I didn't take more Aquapac cases on my trip. When I had my one serious mishap of the trip (I hit a moored barge south of St Louis, MO and ended up upside down in the river) all the items inside Aquapac cases stayed perfectly dry and survived unscathed. I did however lose my VHF radio that was in an inferior brand case. I will use Aquapac cases exclusively on all my future river adventures."