Current Designs manufacture a range of composite (fibreglass or kevlar) and rotomoulded polyethylene kayaks in the USA. They produce kayaks in both the "North American style" - with rudders and the "British style" with skegs.

We have a range of Current Designs kayaks available for demo:

  • Sirocco (plastic)
  • Gulfstream (fibreglass)
  • Storm GT (plastic)
  • Squall GTS (plastic)

The Storms and Squalls feature a rudder, whereas the Sirocco and Gulfstream are skeg kayaks.

They all have generous touring style cockpits and are available in white and a range of safety colours.

The Storm GT is being discontinued (only available in red!) and replaced by the slightly smaller Squall GTS.

This is a proven kayak, built in rotomolded polyethylene as an example of innovation at its best

Based on our popular composite model, the Gulfstream, the Sirocco will appeal to a broad market who crave performance yet want a boat that is user friendly.

Designed by Derek Hutchinson, the Sirocco boasts many features of the composite version including a retractable skeg, recessed deck fittings, deck rigging, bulkheads and hatch systems including the 8" day hatch just behind the paddler for easy access.

Cockpit size Depth Width Length
30" x 16.5" (76.2 cm x 41.91 cm) 13.25" (33.655 cm) 23" (58.42 cm) 16' 10" (513.08 cm)