HALIFAX 15.5"/>



Dagger produces the highest quality and performance whitewater, recreational, and touring kayaks in the industry at a great value. Wherever there's water.

The Halifax was Dagger's first full-sized expedition sea kayak and is still impressing paddlers with its stability, comfort, and rough-water capabilites. 

The dramatically angled bow and stern complement the shallow arch under the seat for incredibly responsive leaned turns. The same design features make the Halifax one of the best surfers in the Dagger line.

SALE NOW - $1200 – Blue, Slight Storage Damage

Packrats unite.

That’s right, this big boat begs to be packed to the brim. And the bigger the load, the better the stability. So stuff it like a bratwurst and head for the wild blue. This one tracks hard and knows what to do when you lean.

If you hit strong currents or wind, then drop the retractable rudder and put any worries to rest. And to get at all that stuff you can bring along, there are fore and aft dry storage compartments with secure durable Dual Density hatch covers.

To round it all off, there’s always your very own Comfort Fit System™ featuring an ergonomic seat with padding, Precision Aadjustable thigh braces and a Camlok™ backband. Buy it. Pack it. Go.

So, whether it's an extended weekend of touring and camping in comfort on your favorite lake, a day playing in the surf, or an expedition length trip to the outer reaches, the Halifax has plenty of storage and a 150 kg capacity to carry you there and back again.

Cockpit size Depth Width / Length Hatch Volumes
86 x 48cm 32kg / 163kg 59cm / 5m 26cm F - 78L / B - 138L