Featuring 3 fascinating expedition stories Haida culture & humpback whales around British Columbia. It includes footage of:

  • Queen Charlotte islands; island hopping from Australia to Tasmania across the Bass Strait
  • 2400km trip around the stunning South island of New Zealand complete with intimidating surf & a helicopter evacuation
  • Rough water rolling, Greenland rope gymnastics & commando kayaking with DUBSIDE
  • Kayak fishing in San Diego, Rock hopping in Baja, kayak games with father and son in Norways stunning fjords
  • Paddling the Dead Sea in Israel,
  • Seakayaking the Grade 4 Ottawa River, Lake Superiors Apostle islands

The fourth installment of the popular This is the Sea series takes you on a spectacular world tour with footage from the bows of the world's best paddlers.

  • Disc 1 features the Baja, kayak fishing, ''commando kayaking'' with paddling personality Dubside, the Bass Strait, the Ottawa river, Israel, Norway and Lake Superior
  • Disc 2 features a circumnavigation of New Zealand and the Queen Charlotte islands
  • Features:
    Shawna Franklin, Leon Somme, Justine Curgenven, Dubside, Hadas Feldman, Jen Kleck, Jim Sammons, Ken Whiting and Barry Shaw
  • Cackle TV productions
Discs Time Year Recommended(Out of 5 stars)
x2 150mins 220-240cm ****