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East Coast Kayaking and The Kayak Shop Australia sell a range of kayaks and surf skis, specifically Epic Surf Skis and Sea Kayaks, Mirage Sea Kayaks and Current Designs Sea Kayaks to satisfy all your paddling dreams.

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Epic Surf Ski Layups
Surf Ski Starter Package - 10% off Deal on new Ultra and accessories
Epic Surf Ski Comparison Table
Surf Ski Accessories (including Paddles and PFDs)
Surf Ski Hire

Epic Surf Ski Lay ups

There are four layup options available over the range of surf skis and sea kayaks:

Epic Trim colours

Epic Trim colours

Club - the most economical construction option in the range. It is also the heaviest construction, yet comparable to most other brands' standard boats.

  • Fiberglass on a core mat

  • Vacuum bagged with polyester resin

  • Blue bow & stern

Performance - composite hybrid. Considered by Epic it to be the best value in the industry. Epic Performance kayaks are significantly lighter than the competition's equivalent products, yet are offered at a comparable price point.

  • Infusion grade foam core

  • Composite hybrid of fibreglass, carbon fibre, and Kevlar

  • Vacuum infused, heat-cured epoxy

  • Black bow & stern

Ultra - very light and popular with the fitness and racing paddlers. It is light, stiff, and extremely strong in the water. Epic's Ultra disclaimer states that while stronger in the water than the Club and Performance lay-ups, the Ultra is more susceptible to impact damage and requires more care when handling.

  • Nomex honeycomb core

  • Woven carbon and Kevlar fabric

  • Vacuum bagged, heat-cured epoxy

  • Red bow & stern

Elite - extremely light and stiff, a step up from the Ultra lay-up, but with similar durability. Being both lightweight and strong are priority number one for these boats, perfect cosmetic finishes cannot be expected.

  • Nomex honeycomb core

  • 3K carbon fiber laminate

  • Vacuum bagged, heat-cured epoxy

  • Black gel coat with white bow, stern and cockpit

Note that not every layup option is available for every model.

Surf Ski Starter package

Ready to buy a Surf Ski? We have a great Surf Ski Starter package (10% off RRP), bundling together our popular and super light Epic V8 or V8 Pro Ultra with a paddle and accessories to get you started. You can follow the links on each product for more information.

Epic V8 Surf Ski or Epic V8 Pro Ultra Surf Ski (Kevlar layup - red tip)
Club Carbon Mid Wing Paddle
Epic Deluxe Leg Leash
Epic Footboard Non-Slip Pads (traction pads)
Epic Seat Pad
Epic Rudder Safety Flags
Vaikobi V3 Ocean Racing PFD - Fluoro Yellow/ Grey or Orange/Grey
Vaikobi Cap (White or Fluoro Yellow)

Normally the items in this package total RRP $5,795. Discounted 10% brings it to $5,215.50.
Price is for pick up from the Kayak Shop, 37 Jetty Road Sandringham (freight fee waived Sydney - Melbourne).

Substitutions / upgrades possible - eg. to Full Carbon Epic Paddle.

If you are new to Surf Skis and paddling we recommend undertaking training with a qualified instructor: see our Surf Ski Coaching courses.

Contact us at sales@eastcoastkayaking.com to take advantage of this great deal.

Epic V8 Pro Ultra Surf Ski

Epic V8 Pro Ultra Surf Ski

Epic Surf Ski Comparison Table

Which Epic Surf Ski is right for you? Remember the longer and skinnier the ski, the faster it will go as it cuts through waves and the longer lines make it easier to surf downwind. However (lack of) stability may overcome ability, and the fastest ski may the the one that stays upright!

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Try Before You Buy - Surf Ski Hire

Demos of the Epic V8 and V8 Pro are available to hire - try before you by!

Or maybe you don’t have anywhere to store a ski. No problem you can take our ours! We have Epic V7 and V5 rotomoulded (plastic) ski, and composite V8, V8 Pro and V10 Sport available for hire. Normally $50 for an hour, or $65 for 2 hours, you can purchase a Season Pass - pay for 3 sessions and receive 5 (save 40% on your ski hire if you use all 5 sessions)

We do occasionally sell our demos or have second-hand surf skis available - ask us if we have any available - there is currently a Demo Epic V10L Performance available for sale.