Beckson "Thirsty Mate" Hand Pump

The Beckson Thirsty-Mate Hand Pump is specifically made with kayaks and canoes in mind. WE use it on all our programs and courses - it is a great reliable pump that can really move a good volume of water- around half a litre per stroke, so you can pump out up to 30 litres of water in a minute.

The pump is just under 46cm long - you should keep your pump accessible so stowing it under the deck bungees or in the cockpit (use some velcro to keep it in place). The floatation sleeve ensures it will not sink if it does get loose.

The construction of this hand pump is very sturdy - some of our pumps have been going over on our programs for over 6 years with solid use. The heavy-duty plastic construction is reinforced by aluminium - doesn't flex and we've never seen one break.

We recommend having a hand pump on board even if you have an electronic bilge system - you may have a flat battery or a flooded hatch, and they may come in handy to help your paddling buddy.

Sea To Summit Bilge Pump

A hand pump is an essential piece of equipment for sea kayakers and paddlers of any craft with an enclosed compartment (cockpit or hatch). The Sea to Summit Solution Gear Bilge Pump is designed specifically for canoes and kayaks. It is 46cm long - stow it under the shockcord (bungee elastic) on the deck or down the side of your seat - somewhere you can get to it easily. If you need more reach in a canoe a hose can be attached to the outlet.

The pump is surrounded by a big bright foam sleeve that will keep it floating and visible if you drop it overboard.

The pump capacity is approximately 400ml per pump. The construction is robust - marine grade screws and anodised aluminium in the body to reduce flex.