Helinox Camp Chairs and Tables

Helinox produce top-quality lightweight chairs and tables that are excellent for kayak camping, lightweight car camping and even hiking (Chair Zero).

Don’t be confused by cheap copies - these are the real deal! 

Helinox have been around since 2012 and we have been using them since 2013 - the pic above was taken at Settlement Point on our SW Tasmanian Wilderness Expedition, where we flew into Bathurst Harbour with our Trak folding kayaks and all our gear for an 8 day private expedition around Bathurst Harbour and up into Port Davy and the Davey River.

Helinox Chairs and tables have a strong aluminium frame with nylon joiners - the tubes are connected by bungee cords so the chair practically assembles itself.


Helinox Chairs

There are glimpses of the Helinox chairs in the video in our campsites at Schooner Cove, Settlement Point and Bramble Cove. It is great to be able to sit up off the damp, hard ground on a trip and still not take up much space in the kayaks.

These are the original Chair One, which we stock in black/cyan and crimson. Folded up they pack down to 35 x 10 x 12cm. They will hold 145kg - larger chairs are available if you want a wider one, as are higher-backed chairs for that comfy, lounging experience (though the taller ones will take up more space in your kayak).

There is now a big variety of Helinox chairs and it can be a bit confusing. We have put together a Comparison Chart to make it clearer - Download Here.

Aside from the super-light Chair Zero, the chairs come in black and cyan - some have a variety of other colours (see comparison chart for the additional colours).

Chair One

Chair One

Contact us at sales@eastcoastkayaking.com to check availability of the other chair varieties.



The narrow legs of any camp chair are likely to sink into soft sand. Toppling over backwards with legs in the air is a bit embarrassing (what happens on trips stays on trips!).

We used to chock the legs with bits of wooden plank but now Helinox have released a Ground sheet that the legs slot into and the sheet prevents the legs sinking, spreading the load.

Ground sheets are available in 4 sizes, depending on the size of the area the feet spread over.

The Helinox Ground Sheet can be purchased individually or bundled with a Chair. Stocked for Chair One & Chair One L / Chair 2. Check compatibility on the Comparison Chart.

Sunset Chair with Ground sheet

Sunset Chair with Ground sheet

Helinox Tables

When you are tired of juggling your pre-dinner snacks and dropping them in the sand it is time to get a Helinox Table. Table One is the original with mesh top and two recessed cup holders. It is now available in a range of colours to match the Helinox Chairs.

Next came the Hard Top for Table One. Now upsized to Table One Large.

Table One is stocked.

Table One Hard Top L, Table One Hard Top, Table One in Crimson & Coyote Tan

Table One Hard Top L, Table One Hard Top, Table One in Crimson & Coyote Tan

Contact us at sales@eastcoastkayaking.com to check availability of the other chair varieties.for hard tops, other colours

Other Helinox Products

Helinox also make quality Stretchers, Hiking Poles, Trekking Umbrellas plus accessories such as tent pegs and camping trowels. Contact us for availability.