Learn, experience and specialise in the open water

Versatile and extremely seaworthy, it can take you to some amazing coastal locations. Port Phillip Bay is an ideal training ground for learning the fundamental kayak skills needed for safe and enjoyable paddling. Whether your dream is to paddle the bays or traverse the open seas, the qualified Instructors at East Coast Kayaking can help get you there!



Learn sea kayaking and gain fundamental skills and techniques with our monthly Sea Starter courses held at Sandringham.

New to kayaking or have special needs that require our special attention?

Private Tuition

If you are looking for specialised or individually tailor programs outside these course dates we can accommodate you.

We can deliver any skills that you require with our one-on-one instruction (or bring your small group - up to 3 people), from a basic introduction to sea kayaking, adventure race or expedition preparation and more complex skills such as Eskimo Rolling. Our specialised Private Tuition classes are run from at Sandringham mid week on demand or selected weekends.


sea starter kayak

The Sea Starter course is held...

Find out more about our popular Sea Starter courses.


Beyond Basics kayak course


Get all of the learning outcomes from our Sea starter course, plus more.

Start sea kayaking and learn fundamental skills and techniques with our bi-monthly Sea starter courses held at Sandringham. Then try something different with Beyond Basics courses. Perhaps after you complete the course, challenge yourself to our Victorian Journeys adventure program or our Kayak the Whitsundays.


Kayak Fishing Starter course

Fish off your Kayak the right way

Kayak fishing is one of the biggest growing kayaking disipline. While its fun and exhilarating catching your fish, there's a strong need to learn the safety aspects before heading out to fish from your sit-on-top kayak. Find out more about our kayak fishing starter program.


Kayak like the pros in different conditions and environments

Learn the right techniques on how to safely roll in a kayak.

Find out more about our Eskimo Roll Course.


Australian Canoeing Awards Scheme

Ever wanted to work in the Sea Kayaking Industry?

Perhaps you would just like to gain new skills or develop your existing skills to meet industry standards.

East Coast Kayaking is a National Training Provider offering training and assessment of Australian Canoeing sea kayaking qualifications. The Australian Canoeing Award Scheme is nationally recognised and aligned with the Outdoor Recreation Training Package. 

Our AC qualified staff are committed to providing great service and excellent instruction in all facets of the Award Scheme.

The nature of the Award Scheme lends itself to tailored training for individuals and groups. Please contact us to discuss your current skills, experience and employment goals so we can design a training and assessment program to suit your needs.

Contact Us for more information.