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Come and get the right equipment the first time! Hiring before you buy makes a lot of sense so whatever you have in mind,  our centre is right on the water and you can try as many boates as you like before you make that important purchase!

We stock the latest and most current stock of the best sea & open water kayaks brands available. For the best in Mirage Sea Kayaks, view the current range.

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Epic Kayaks

EPIC Kayaks and Paddles are designed by world champions to let you perform to the best of your ability. Have an EPIC day.


Mirage Sea Kayaks

Hand Made in Australia, Mirage kayaks are among the most popular and best selling sea kayaks available today. Most of the success of these kayaks can be attributed to their outstanding performance on the water. 

Their features include:

  • A high cruising speed whether empty or fully loaded
  • An excellent combination of primary and secondary stability
  • Good tracking in all conditions, with or without their rudder
  • Designed not to dive or broach in big following seas
  • Easy unassisted deep-water entry, Eskimo roll, or re-entry and roll ability. 

Nb: Please book the kayak model in advance. Especially, Mirage 730 (Doubles).


Current Designs

Current Designs kayaks are the perfect mix of form and function. As the leading builder of premium kayaks in the world, Current Designs uses the latest materials and technologies to create a composite kayak that's the envy of everyone on the water. Featuring unequaled grace and performance, Current Designs kayaks are lightest and most maneuverable kayaks in the world. Current Designs' kayaks are a work of art - made for life. 

Their features include:

  • Designed for efficient paddling in a wide variety of conditions
  • Leaders in Kayak manufacturing & construction process, including 
  • Thermoformed Composite System (TCS™)
  • Reliability, including weight, strength & durability
  • C.D. Kayaks are faster and have more capacity
  • Suitable for most paddlers


Dagger is made up of the world’s most dedicated paddlers whose love for adrenaline and pursuit of excellence has propelled them and their designs to the forefront of the paddling world. Contact us for further information about these products.

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