Spirit of adventure & discovery

Allow your students to discover the spirit of adventure and discovery with East Coast Kayaking. Our sea kayaking journeys will develop student confidence, teamwork, personal responsibility, leadership and decision making.


Our staff can facilitate an exploration of the venture in class. Students can be briefed in detail during school time.

A typical day on the water for your students will involve route-finding, navigation, setting up camp and making group descisions for the benefit of the whole group. Student spirit and personal discovery is a priority on all our journeys.

We facilitate expeditions within the Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

For more information, visit Duke of Edinburgh awards website.

Teacher Skills Training

As part of our commitment to enhancing school programs all partner TAFE staff are invited to attend a complimentary Sea Starter Course (value to $298 - two day course).

Canoe & Kayak Purchases

Through our retail outlet, The Kayak Shop, we offer great deals on 'Dagger' craft. Ask us for advice on a fleet to suit your needs.