Small, Medium & Large

Comes with three proven designs, which have performed well on expeditions, but it doesn't stop there. Flat Earth Kayak Sails are always looking for new ideas, incorporating better design features and working with kayak designers and listening to paddlers as to what to change or modify for better performance and usability.

They also offer the choice of custom building a sail for you. If there is a design you want made, or if theirs something different you want to incorporate into one of their designs don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best of all, they are Aussie made in Gippsland!

Large Med Small
The Large sail is good for most larger Kayaks having sead this, now the new duel batten sail is a good alternative as well The Medium sail is good for all around sailing, recommended for most paddlers and still my personal favourite The small size is the sail that started it all. Based on the sail Norm designed, it is able to be used in most strong conditions and is a proven design with a handful of Bass Strait crossings to its name.