Come to our Introduction to Sea Kayaking Course & Learn how to Kayak in 2 hours

This 2-hour sea kayaking course teaches the fundamental skills to paddle safely and efficiently in enclosed waters using sit-on-top kayaks.

We also explain how to interpret weather conditions, dress appropriately for a range of conditions and most importantly, understand the advantages and limitations of your kayak. 

Join us for expert tuition in small groups with our qualified and experienced instructors.

The Introduction to Sea Kayaking course includes:

  • 2 hour session on a Saturday or Sunday - 10.30am - 12.30pm session
    This course can be arranged at other times at an additional cost.  
  • followed by 1 hour complimentary sit-on-top kayak hire.  This is to be used within 6 months of the course
  • held at our training center, 37 Jetty Rd Sandringham. We are situated on the beach and easily accessible by public transport.

2015-2016 SEason

The 2 Hour Introductory Course will run on an on-demand basis this season. If you have a group we can run the course at a time to suit you. Alternately for one-on one instruct consider Private Tuition.

If you are considering Kayak Fishing - consider our full day Kayak Fishing Course to learn how to manage you kayak and gear safely and paddle more efficiently.

For sea kayak (sit-in kayaks) instruction we offer two alternatives - the intensive 3 hour Recreational Sea Kayak Course and the comprehensive Sea Starter Course that runs for 2 days over the weekend.


  • How to interpret weather conditions SUITABLE FOR KAYAKING
  • Kayak clothing and personal protection equipment 
  • Basic kayak skills and strokes
  • Self and assisted rescue techniques
  • Kayak design and which one suits you and your kayaking needs

How much & what does it include?

  • $60 includes all kayak equipment and spray jacket,
  • Extra equipment hire - wetsuit $10, fleece $5 per day
  • Qualified and experienced instructor
  • 1 hr complimentary sit-on-top kayak hire to CONSOLIDATE YOUR SKILLS
  • Children under 14 are free but must be accompanied by an adult and use a double sit-on-top kayak 

East Coast Kayaking offers a 100% money back guarantee. We are confident that you will enjoy and learn the fundamentals of sea kayaking. Our emphasis is on marine and community safety.

6 Reasons to complete our course

  1. Fun, fun, fun. Good kayaking skills means you can have more fun on the water.
  2. Become a better paddler faster! Good instruction means you can gain skills immediately
  3. Increased confidence
  4. Good habits from the beginning – marine safety is important
  5. Our small group sessions are supportive and enjoyable.
  6. Some stuff is just too hard to learn from books - we believe in ‘learning by doing’.