Bailing Sponge

One of the simplest pieces of equipment in your kayak is a sponge, or "bailing sponge" - being the bailer required under Marine Safety Regulations for kayaks with enclosed cockpits and compartments, along with a hand or electric bilge pump. Aside from regulations, though, it is the piece of kit you will use most frequently with your kayak - not just to get that last bit of water out of the cockpit but also for cleaning up and making sure your kayak is spick and span before you put it away.

Most of us would probably tuck the sponge away in the cockpit, out of the way. Somehow, when we capsize, the sponge seems to readily escape, last seen floating away and becoming another bit of non-biodegradable marine debris. The solution to this is to fit a clip to the sponge so it can be attached to deck bungees or cockpit fittings.

An auto sponge from the hardware does the job but is likely to be lost during a capsize when you have your hands full securing kayak and paddle.

The best way to secure your sponge is to put it in a mesh stuff sack and attach a nylon hook. We have some already made up for you of you can DIY.


Coming soon: our YouTube for a quick demonstration of making an attachable Bailing Sponge system

Never lose your sponge again!

SealLine Bailing Sponge

The SealLine Bailing Sponge is the commercially made bailing sponge.

It has a microfibre outer which does a very nice job of cleaning that last bit of sand out of the cockpit and hatches. 

Inside is a absorbant sponge to soak up any water remaining after you have pumped out.

The sponge has a elastic loop  - we recommend attaching a nylon hook so you can secure it to your kayak.