Adrenalin 3/2mm Long John Wetsuit

A 'Farmer John' style of wetsuit keeps the torso warm while allowing freedom of movement of the arms (and legs in the short John style). The torso is covered by 3mm neoprene while the legs are 2mm to allow for more flexibility.

The neoprene used in the Adrenalin wetsuits is super soft, which also means much more flexible and comfortable, which is important in water sports such as kayaking, SUP and diving where you want to minimise restriction to arm movement.

This wetsuit also has knee pads to reduce the wear on the knees that comes from sports such as surfing and aids grip on a surface when kneeling.

Overall this is a very versatile wetsuit, styled for comfort and useful for SUP, snorkelling and diving and recommended for paddling where immersion is likely - rescue training, rolling practice and surfing.