Be a part of the Annual Across the Bay in a Day, Paddle as a Pod

Saturday 19 May 2018

The proposed paddle is from Hampton Pier to Portarlington Pier, or vice versa depending on wind direction. The paddle will be postponed if the weather report forecasts winds of more than 22 knots. Alternative routes will be planned and considered depending on the weather forecasts. 

Depending on conditions the paddle route may vary - we will give you advanced notice as the forecast firms up so that you can organise you pickup/drop off shuttle.

Paddling As a Pod means we will be paddling as fast as our slowest paddler, and you may be required to tow or be towed. With the TEAM, together everyone achieves more… IT IS NOT A RACE! It is a fantastic opportunity to paddle and enjoy the Port Phillip Bay. 
Across the Bay in a Day is not for the beginner sea kayaker, it is designed for those with intermediate and advanced skills. It is strongly suggested that you undertake training before the paddle.
The journey of 35.5km can take us 7 hours, however be ready to sit in your sea kayak for at least 8 hours. The planned route is 35.5km; however alternative routes may be as long as 45km. It is recommended all paddlers complete a Sea Starter Course prior to the event, as this will ensure all participants are competent in self and assisted rescues, as well as basic paddling skills, making for a safe and enjoyable day.

At the conclusion of the paddle you will have the opportunity to enjoy a well earned refreshment at the Portarlington Pub before returning home.

Participants will meet at a designated point at 5:30am for that early morning start and exciting sun rise paddle!

View our movie from the 2010 Across the Bay in a Day

The maximum number of paddlers this year will be 12, with a 4:1 participant to leaders ratio, so put in your entry now to make sure you are part of the Pod.

Minimum gear requirement for Across the Day in a Day paddle

Kayak and Gear

  • Sea kayak 480cm+ ( with perimeter line, tow point, rudder or skeg if fitted to be fully retractable and in proper working order, watertight bulkheads and hatch covers, including positive buoyancy, hand toggles on bow and stern
  • Paddle
  • Tow line (floating) 15m
  • Contact tow line
  • Bilge pump (hand pump/foot or electric) and sponge
  • Spray skirt that fits cockpit and paddler with release strap
  • PFD type 2
  • Rescue knife
  • Mobile phone in a water proof case
  • Whistle (pealess marine whistle - Fox 40)
  • Personal First Aid kit
  • 2x Glow Stick (for that early morning start)


  • Sun smart clothing - hat, long sleeve shirt, high visibility clothing
  • Cold weather clothing: thermals and fleece bottom and tops,
  • CAG
  • Wide brimmed hat/legionnaires cap/cap and Buff
  • Sun cream and zinc
  • Sunglasses with secure strap
  • Footwear
  • Shuttle Clothes - dry clothes for that return trip stowed in dry bag


  • Lunch that can be eaten in the kayak
  • 2 litres water
  • Snacks – we will stop every 45mins for a break


or email us on with any queries and we can send you a registration pack. Use the link below to go to our bookings page.