Sea Kayak Canada

1st July - 20th July 2016 

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Want to escape the Australian winter? Then sea kayak Canada and have an Adventure of a life time.

Discover Vancouver Island, British Columbia, from the water.


Discover 3 stunning paddling destinations in 3 weeks of sea kayaking and unique experiences with knowledgeable local guides in stunning British Columbia: Weather Dependant

  • Discovery Islands; Surge Narrows & The Okisollo Wave
  • Clayoqout Sound; Hot springs cove – Tofino
  • Barkley Sound; The Broken Group Pacific Rim national Park
  • The Johnstone Straight BC

Max of 3 participants

Explore :

  • Tidal Rapids and waves
  • Pacific Ocean coast line
  • Groups of Islands
  • Caves and sea tunnels

Experience :

  • Breathtaking scenery
  • Wild life - Whales, sea lions, harbour seals, Bald Eagles, river otters

Enjoy :

  • Stunning accommodation with great hospitality and exceptional hosts
  • Discovery Lodge B and B on Quadra Island with its spectacular Pacific Ocean views
  • Innchanter a beautifully refurbished 85’ ship with 6 staterooms, excellent hospitality and only a short, healthy walk from the hot springs.
  • Sechart lodge, Barkley Sound; The Broken Group Pacific Rim Park - “ a former whaling station” and “Nothing less than something unique in 21st Century dining and accommodation in a remote and historic setting”.


Week 1 

Surge Narrows Tidal Rapids:

The Discovery Lodge is a 10 minute sea kayak paddle from Surge Narrows Tidal Rapids. Spend 2 days in this world-class training ground for new-comers to this sport and a great playground for the advanced paddler.

The Okisollo Wave – 2 days of delight:

At maximum flood on a big tide, the first wave has a face of approximately 3 meters. While it is an awe–inspiring, even intimidating, experience for all but the best kayakers, it is breath-taking to see. The main wave (the Okisollo Wave) is a feature about 50 feet (16 meters) wide. It is formed when water pours over a shelf at ever increasing speeds, at ever increasing depths. Current speeds range from 0 (low slack) to 13 knots at max flood on a big spring tide.

NB. To do this wave at peak flood you need to be skilled in the Eskimo Roll!

Surf kayaking Okisollo Tidal Rapids.  This is Surfing Whitewater – Take it to the Limits!

Week 2

Tofino – Hot Springs Cove 4 day Journey :

Day 1: Arrive by float plane and settle in on the InnChanter, floating in Hot Springs Cove Ramsay Hot Springs is a splendid hot spring and still enjoyable in its natural state, located in Maquinna Provincial Park in the remote northern end of Clayoquot Sound. When the tourists leave at 3:30 it is ours; candlelit and tranquil.

Days 2-4: Next morning set out on a 3 day paddle back to Tofino, either down the coast or around the Flores and Vargas islands (depending on the weather forecast and sea conditions)

Week 3

5 Days exploring Barkley Sound; The Broken Group Pacific Rim National Park :

The Broken group Pacific Rim Park is Canada’s premier sea-kayaking destination. 
Arrive at Sechart lodge via water taxi where we will spend the night enjoying 21st century dining in an historic setting. This area is only navigable by boat and sea kayak. You will explore the 100 small islands and islets in Barkley Sound. You can see abundant wild life, explore coastal caves, and run the tunnel and sea caves if your skills fit with the sea conditions on this 4 day journey.