Private Tuition

If you are looking for specialised or individually tailor programs outside our scheduled course dates we can accommodate you.

Specialised Tuition for:

  • Anyone that prefers a personalised / 'one-on-one' learning environment

  • Anyone who requires instruction who is not available for weekend courses

  • Sea Kayaking groups who need a basic introduction to paddling to increase confidence before a journey

  • Paddlers looking for training ahead of an event - marathon paddling (Massive Murray Paddle) or Adventure racing

  • Singles, couples and families who are booked in for sea kayaking holidays who would like to gain some experience (Antarctic cruises!)

  • Paddlers with special needs

We can deliver any skills that you require, from a basic introduction to sea kayaking to more complex skills.

Any of our Sandringham-based courses can be delivered by Private Tuition:

  • Kayak Fishing

  • Sea Starters (one day intensive course)

  • Learn to Surf Ski & Ocean Kayak

  • Beyond Basics - Advanced Strokes

  • Recreational Sea Kayaking (3 hr course)

  • Learn to Paddle Sit-on-Top Kayaks (2 hr course)

We can also provide:

  • Eskimo Rolling training

  • Efficient stroke techniques (sea kayaking and Surf skis)

  • Expedition preparation

  • Adventure race preparation

  • Tuition for family groups

  • Sea Kayak introductory experience in preparation for your Antarctic Cruise, Whitsunday holiday or any other destination

  • Australian Canoeing Award assessment and training (see Mentoring sessions priced separately)


We can deliver any skills that you require with our one-on-one instruction (or bring your small group), from a basic introduction to sea kayaking to more complex skills such as Eskimo Rolling. Our specialised tuition classes are run from at Sandringham mid week (and on weekends off-peak) on demand. Training is also available from other venues upon request ($POA).

Accelerate the learning process with our qualified and patient Instructors. Contact us to discuss your needs on or 03 9597 0549.

Discount rates for 2 & 3 persons for 2 or 3 hour sessions are per group - book in 3 people and you are effectively getting one person for free!

For larger groups please contact us to discuss your requirements and for a quote.

Multi-session programs: if you would like ongoing training, book a 5 session program and receive a discount on your tuition plus complimentary kayak hire so you can practice your skills. For a 5-session 2 hour program pay only $500 (save $200).

Private Tuition Testimonials

Every kayaker should do this !

Something every new kayaker should do. Rohan exceeded my expectations in the one on one paddling techniques and Rolling course I had with him. I wish I had done this course 6 months ago and would be more advanced than I am now.

We covered basic - advanced paddle skills, self-rescues, and rolling techniques. Rohan offered great advice about my kayak and left me with lots of techniques to practice.

Every Kayaker should do this in their first year. It should be mandatory when buying a kayak. A great way to develop and expand your kayaking skills

Mark C

Highly Recommended!

I initially booked for a skills review and to test out a new kayak for a couple of hours.

Roh far exceeded my expectations in all all areas. Covering everything from reviewing and correcting self-rescue techniques with good solid advice to proper paddling form and stability.

To anyone looking to perfect, expand, and improve sea kayaking skills I cannot recommend Roh enough - whether you're just starting or have been paddling for ages you're certain to get benefits and have a proper fun time into the bargain!


Old dogs can learn new tricks

Rohan provided a comprehensive & tailored private lesson that covered all we needed to understand before our journey. We feel confident that we can easily manage anything the Antarctic can throw at us as we paddle


Sea Starter mid-week intensive

Last summer we tried canoeing and kayaking for the first time and loved it. We decided we wanted to learn more before we headed off on any adventures. East Coast Kayaking’s 2-day Sea Starter Course appealed but finding two days on the weekend is always a struggle because we want to spend that time with our children. So we decided to go down the private tuition path compressing the course into one day mid-week with a 1:2 ratio of instructor to participant.

Any worries I had about one day being sufficient were quickly put aside. We covered so much in one day that my mind was whirring. Luckily, the course notes afterwards will make sure that we won't forget all those details. Rohan taught us about the clothing and gear needed, safety equipment, tides, winds, good places to sea kayak in Australia, how to read marine charts and where to find weather information in order to make an informed decision about where and when to go out on the water.
We learnt about the kayak as a water vessel. We learnt to look at the water and its behaviour in a new way. In our kayaks, we learnt the technical terms and practised going forwards, backwards, sideways, turning and staying still - the latter can be challenging when the waves pick up! Most importantly we learnt how to fall out of the kayak safely and then get back into it whilst out in water too deep to stand in. I definitely need to practise self-rescue a lot more!

The main benefit of the private tuition course, in my opinion, is that you are ‘on the go’ the entire time with instruction and practice matched to your own skills and speed of learning. We got to ask non-stop questions the whole day on things that were of specific interest to us. The discussion helped us start to think about what type of kayaking we want to do and what this means in terms of choosing a kayak and other gear.

It really was a great day - fun and productive. We feel more confident about having a play in the water to practice our skills, and plan to take a Beyond Basics course soon.