Learn to roll -  “Eskimo rolls and low support strokes”

When sea kayaking was first invented by the Inuits as a way of hunting food, they would sew themselves into the boat. Being able to bring the boat right way up after capsizing was the first thing young hunters would learn. As it was then and still is today, self-righting a sea kayak is the most important and rewarding skill that a sea kayaker will learn and use. ‘Rolling’ a sea kayak requires a sequence of small skills that will have you going from upside down to right way up in a matter of seconds.

Learn to roll sessions are:

  • 3 hours of skills development in Sandringham Harbour or a series of 5 lessons of 2 hours each
  • Private Tuition for up to 3 participants
  • Sea kayaking hire is included or bring you own sea kayak
  • Bookings essential - book online or contact us

The Program

  • Briefing on Roll
  • Learning the roll action on land
  • Testing your limits - bracing, leaning and support strokes (avoiding capsize!)
  • Getting comfortable capsizing
  • Roll positioning practice
  • Righting the kayak with a buoyancy aid
  • Paddle positioning
  • Assisted paddle position roll

6 reasons to learn to ‘roll a kayak’

  1. Further your sea kayaking skills and have fun
  2. Increase your confidence
  3. Self rescue
  4. Efficient and energy saving
  5. Paddle in more advanced locations
  6. Paddle in more advanced conditions

There are many ways to roll - check out this Youtube link: