Fishing on your Kayak, the right way

Kayak fishing is one of the biggest growing kayaking discipline. While it is fun and exhilarating catching your fish, there's a strong need to learn the safety aspects before heading out to fish from your sit-on-top kayak.

There are lots of reasons to fish from a sit-on-top kayak:

  • No need for fuel up your boat

  • You can launch your kayak and fish in locations not accessible to power boats

  • Perfect way to unwind for a few hours after work

  • The sit-on-top kayak offers a great work platform to catch the big fish!

  • We provide you the essential kayak skills that's necessary to paddle a mechanical kayak.

Kayak fishing safety courses are a great way to learn about Kayak Fishing more safely and efficiently. A great gift idea for the keen fisherman who is about to take to the water! Not sure of dates? Consider a Gift Certificate.

This 3 hour intensive course takes place at our Training Centre, 37 Jetty Road Sandringham, Victoria.

How much & what does it include?

  • $90 for 3 hours

  • Kayak and accessories, safety gear and paddling jacket

  • Children, 14 and under are free, however they must paddle a double kayak with an adult

  • Extra equipment hire - wetsuit $15

At the conclusion of the course you will be entitled to one hour of FREE sit on top kayak hire.

Program Dates


Kayak Fishing




Saturday 26 October 2019
Sunday 24 November 2019
Saturday 7 December 2019
Saturday 4 January 2020
Saturday 1 February 2020
Saturday 21 March 2020

The course runs monthly October to March but you can take the course year-round by Private Tuition (personalised tuition for just you or you and a friend or two -  3 hours $180 for one person (discounts for 2 or 3 people) or get your own group of 4 to 6 together and we will schedule a class for you - midweek or some weekends possible. 

Email us if you would like to organise a private class. 

The Program

  • Kayak design

  • Choosing the right kayak for you

  • Effects of tides and wind

  • Clothing for kayaking - keeping warm and SunSmart

  • Efficient forward paddling technique

  • Efficient methods of turning and steering your kayak

  • Stopping, reversing and going sideways

  • Wet exits and self rescues

  • Anchoring and rigging your kayak safely

  • Effective set up for fishing

  • Gain an understanding of the behaviour of local fish species and correct fishing technique

  • Planning and trip management

6 Reasons to Enrol

  • Fun, fun, fun. Good skills means you can have more fun on the water

  • Become a better paddler faster! Good instruction means you can gain skills in 1 days that would take a lot longer to gain on your own

  • Increase your confidence with the ability to competently perform basic sea kayaking rescues.

  • Start with good habits and avoid having to get rid of bad habits later on.

  • Learning to paddle within a group is a supportive and fun environment in which to learn

  • Some stuff is just to hard to learn from books- we believe in “learning by doing”

Outcomes & Results

  • How to choose the right kayak to purchase

  • Understanding sit-on-top kayak design and performance

  • Fundamental strokes and efficient technique

  • Defensive paddling skills

  • Self and assisted rescues and recoveries

  • Effects of tide and wind

  • Basic navigation principles

  • Planning & preparation

  • Rigging and anchoring your kayak safely

  • Suggested sites and reefs in Port Phillip Bay

Kayak Fishing Course Testimonials


As a newcomer to Kayaking I found the course informative. Learning the paddle strokes and wet entry in less than calm conditions will prove helpful. Weather was not good for fishing so the extra time paddling was good. Overall a fun day at the beach.


Great tips on safety

Some great tips ranging from wind direction, speed, safety. Definitely a must for those thinking of taking up kayak fishing or wanting to learn about safety.


What a great day!!!

Had a a ball....Learnt so much on this day, over and above what I already knew. Invaluable resource for weather and other nuances involved getting on the water with your kayak. I would expect this course to be mandatory for all kayakers....fishermen and others.
Expect Rohan to give you full attention and expert knowledge. Had a fish in the afternoon....few nibbles but no fish....didn't matter enjoyed the day under the great sunshine. Highly recommended, especially if you are a Newbie.

- Paul S.

Highly Recommended

Had an absolute blast at this course. Rohan kept the whole day entertaining as well as informative. He provided information that I had never even considered and made us appreciate some of the hazards and dangers of kayak fishing (not just wet exits/re-entry). After the course I felt more confident and with a little more practice I'll be out there soon!

- William

Great Experience

Having already purchased kayaks and had some less than favourable experiences with self-rescue, I decided my son (10 year old) and I needed to learn the required skills before we ran into real trouble. Even though Ive been paddling for a while, I learnt way more than I expected to. A day's paddling would usually result in sore back and arms etc, but learning correct paddle strokes has made my paddling way more efficient and also takes the strain off the rest of my body. John showed me a few other strokes which allow me to turn my large kayak on its axis, which I didnt even know was possible. When we went out into the bay, it was pretty scary due to past experiences, but John reassured me the whole way and made me feel comfortable. The experience was able to get me over my nerves and regain some confidence. John altered the wet exit/re-entry to suit my son and I, which was really appreciated, and now I am much more confident in being able to get back in if (when) I come out next time. Overall my son and I learnt a wealth of information, and the cost of the course was well worth it. If you are looking to go kayak fishing, this course should be viewed as mandatory.

- Wylie