Adrenalin 2P Thermal Long Sleeve Top

This is our favourite top! We wear this year round except on the most scorching days! In the depths of winter we might layer up with an extra thermal but generally this is the one top for year round in southern Australia.

The Adrenalin 2P Thermal Long Sleeve Top is an ideal base or thermal layer as it keeps you warm, wet or dry and dries quickly if wet. Under a cag or paddling jacket it wicks the water away. By itself it provides sun protection at 50+ UPF, with a high neck for extra protection. It is also effective against windchill, though we recommend a cag/paddling jacket be worn on windy days.

We like the yellow colour for its high visibility, as you can see from the photos it really stands out!


The 2P Thermo Shield fabric has 170% 4-way stretch, being composed of Polyester and Spandex. It is designed to be relatively form fitting and doesn't sag if wet. As well as for kayaking, this top is great for other watersports - boating, fishing, surfing, as well as climbing and snow sports.

Adrenalin is a 100% Australian owned company.


Prevents you getting cold...

I wear this all the time now. After getting wet wearing another top (Helley Hanson) I became cold after thirty minutes, even though it was the height of summer. Whilst wearing this beaut top, even though I'm soaked, I don't get cold. Also I can stay in the water longer to practice my unassisted re entries.
- Sharon March 2016

Great for colder kayaking

Winters in QLD are not as severe as in southern climes, however, it can still be very cold and uncomfortable when paddling. This product has enabled me to be on the water and remain warm and dry, despite the spray and wind. Although form-fitting, it does not impede paddling action in any way.
- Don Sept 2015

Lavacore Long Sleeve Top

When the weather is cold and the winter has set in there are some days still perfect for paddling and other watersports - you want good a thermal base layer though!

Lavacore tops have a three layer Polytherm construction to maximise warmth and protection from the sun and wind:

  • Outer Layer: Flexible, durable and water repellant outer layer (DWF) that facilitates fast water run-off and quick drying. UPF 50+ for sun protection.
  • Middle Layer: Windproof and breathable middle membrane provides anti-wind chill properties, that draws moisture away from the body on the surface and ensures warmth in cold conditions.
  • Inner Layer: Warm, moisture wicking and anti-bacterial inner fleece layer minimizes odor and keeps you warm above and below the surface.

As well as being super-warm, the Lavacore tops are very comfortable. They have 4-way stretch, are extended at the back and have thumb loops to prevent ride-up.

The Lavacore range only comes in black (though the women's top has light grey side panels) - not really an issue in sea kayaking that it isn't in a safety colour as it will be under your paddling jacket / cag anyway.

Lavacore Men's Long Sleeve Top

Lavacore Men's Long Sleeve Top

Lavacore Women's Long Sleeve Top

Lavacore Women's Long Sleeve Top

Lavacore tops are great for any watersport where wind chill and splashing are a factor - they will keep you warm when wet and dry quickly - Kayaking, SUP, windsurfing, boating, kayak fishing. They are also neutrally buoyant and so are suitable as a thermal in ocean swimming. 

To keep you warm top to toe, Lavacore also have long pants and socks (you can also get tops with a hood - useful for swimming or diving.