Expedition Gear List



PFD Type 2

Safety “J”  Knife

Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)


Waterproof watch  - VIC requirement

Strobe Light

Mobile/Cell Phone - Lifeproof case and Aquapack

Reflective mirror

Sea Dye

Towing Systems:

  • 15m Towline
  • Contact TowLine


Expedition Kayak

Spray Deck - personal

Paddle Leash/Park

Paddle Float

Spare paddle  - VIC requirement


EPIRB - VIC requirement

Bilge Systems:

  • Hand Bilge Pump  - VIC requirement
  • Electronic Bilge Pump - VIC requirement
  • Sponge bailing - VIC requirement



2x lightweight Carry bags for gear - Ikea Bags

1 pack of 3x heavy duty garbage bags

20x Large Snap Lock Bags


Sea to Summit Compression Dry Sack

Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sacks

SealLine Baja™ Dry Bag

Pelican MicroCases

Pelican 1120 Case

Watershed - Ocoee Duffel


Sleeping  Tents & Shelter  

2 person Tent / Compression Dry Sack - Personal

Sleeping Mat / dry sack - Personal

Sleeping Bag/Compression Dry Sack - Personal


3m x 3m tarp - Blue - personal

Fly Sheet - Group



Head Lamp/torch with extra set of batteries - Lithium - VIC requirement

Multi tool - personal

Spoon - personal

Carving Knife - Group

3m x 3m tarp - Blue


Repair Kit - Kayak Specific

Duct tape

10m of 4mm (approx.) nylon cord

1x roll of 2” Gaffer tape

Sewing needle and Dental floss



Mobile Phone - in LifeProof case & Aquapac

Satellite Phone

Spot GEN 3

ICOM VHF Radio and Spare batteries  - VIC requirement

Fox 40 Whistle


EPIRB  - VIC requirement

2x Night Flairs - VIC requirement

2x Smoke Flares - VIC requirement

Parachute Flare - VIC requirement

Reflective mirror

V sheet

Sea Dye

Charging Batteries and Cables

USB 12v cigarette lighter adapters

Storage battery

Solar Panels


Navigation - 3 day course

Base Plate Compass - VIC requirement

GPS in Aquapac, Lithium Batteries - set for each day  

Deck Compass - VIC requirement

Float plan - land support

iPad (Navionics)


Tide charts

Sunrise and Sunset times

Grid Refs - Campsites, Reception, Waters tanks

Personal medical summaries and information

Sharpie marker


2x Microfleece (100 weight) Fleece long sleeve top

1x Microfleece (200 weight) Fleece long sleeve top

1x Microfleece (300 weight) thermal pants  - fleece tracksuit pants

2x Merino Thermal Tops

2x Merino Thermal pants

2x Merino underpants (or no underpants at all! Better than using cotton!)

3x pairs of woollen socks

1x light quick dry shorts (board shorts)

1x light quick dry long pants (not cotton)

1x fleece beanie

1x peak cap

1x Buff

1x Helmet

1x synthetic long sleeve  t-shirt (UPS 50+ quick dry)

1x Sun Gloves

1x Pogies

1x Neoprene Gloves

1x Paddle footwear

1x Camp footwear

1x Sunglasses (polarised) with H2O Floating strap

1x Mosquito Headnet 

1x Paddling Jacket (CAG)

1x Rain gear – 1x jacket and 1x waterproof overpants

First Aid & Toiletries

Personal & Group first aid


Air mattress

Fly Sheet

anti-bacterial hand gel, ibuprofen or panadol, a few bandaids, Sunscreen, zinc,  Sudafed, antiplanitorsi, Antihistamines   

Mosquito Repellent (Bushmans)



Should all be Wide mouth - prevents waters lose, touch free filling

3L Reservoir (eg. Camelbak Antidote)

1L wide mouth Water Bottle

.5L Wide mouth water bottle  - (Mug)

4x 6L Wide Mouth Water bladders (eg. Pack Tap or MSR Dromedary)


Kitchen and Cooking - Food

Stoves & Fuel  

Pots and pans

3x Fire lighters



0.5L Wide mouth water bottle  - (Mug)

Cutting board

Food for at least 14-21 days, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks

Salt and Pepper




Spare snaplock bags to reseal food


Washing Up Kit

Biodegradable dishwashing liquid


Chucks Wipe 1x Meal


Toilet Kit

Toilet paper 2x Zip lock Bags

Pooper scooper

Hand Gel

Wet ones




Driver’s license

Credit card


Camera - Batteries

GoPro - Batteries

Car keys (if not left on the vicheel)

Small backpack Ultra Sil Day Pack

Small notebook and pencil


Pocket  Towel


Down Time

Pack of cards, dice and or Small Board games

Reading material