Mosquito Head Net - Permethrin Treated

Dusky Sound, Fiordland NZ - sandflies tolerated with the aid of SeaToSummit Mosquito Headnet

Dusky Sound, Fiordland NZ - sandflies tolerated with the aid of SeaToSummit Mosquito Headnet

Mosquitoes and sandflies seem to lurk in the most picturesque outdoor locations, particularly when the weather starts to warm up!

To get the best protection from your mosquito net you want one that has a fine mesh and is Permethrin treated to repel the little bites!

Permethrin is a very safe and effective insecticide, that will daze mosquitoes on contact. With repeated contact the insect will die. The dosage used on our nets has not been found to harm humans; however, if you have concerns please consult your medical practitioner. Permethrin treatment will dissipate with time and washing. You can renew the Permethrin treatment using a kit such as De-Bugger.

We use the SeaToSummit Mosquito Head Net with permethrin treatment. On our expedition to the Fiordland area in NZ we gave our nets a real workout! It is an awesome area but it is also the sandfly capital. See our Youtube for tips on avoiding bites and just to see the magnificent scenery we paddled through!


Predator Helmet

A helmet is an essential kayak safety item whenever you are kayaking in locations that put your skull at risk: surf, tidal rapids, whitewater kayaking, kayaking in sea caves, rock gardens and gauntlets or near reefs and bombies. Without one you are risking those brain cells you can't afford to lose, or worse!

It might be hard rock that impacts your head but even in deeper water, where there are waves there is the chance of coming out of your kayak and coming up on the wrong (down-wave) side - it could be your own kayak that hits you!

We like the Predator Helmet - the current model is the Shiznit. You can get bright colours for greater visibility or darker shades. The Shiznit gives good coverage to the sides of the head and it has a decent brim - this not only protects your face better than a brimless helmet but takes away the need to wear your sunhat/cap underneath. 

With a good helmet you can tackle your adventures more confidently - like learning to surf tidal rapids in Surge Narrows, near Vancouver Island, Canada on our expedition in July 2012:



Sun Protection Australia's Adapt-a-Cap is the answer for those who want an all-in-one head protection solution. 

This new version of an old favourite has a drawstring and toggle so that the fabric can be drawn up over the nose for maximum protection. The fabric is silky smooth, loose for breathability and offers UPF50+ protection against UV rays. 

The visor is wide and is anti-glare on the underside. As well as pale, heat-reflective colours, the Adapt-a-cap is also available in hi-vis colours so you can be easily seen on the water.


Hides H2O Floating Sunglass Strap

Sunglasses are an important on-water accessory - they provide UV protection for your eyes, keep out the salt water splashes and polarising sunnies give you a nice view of the sea floor. A sunglass strap keeps you from losing your sunnies - simply sliding over the ends and gripping to keep them in place around your neck.

Hides H2O sunglass straps have the added benefit of being able to float thanks to the brightly coloured high buoyancy neoprene retainer - very useful for all water sports - sea kayaking, wind surfing, SUP, surf skis, kite-surfing and kayak fishing. The brightly coloured straps make them easy to see if they do fall in the water.

The other useful feature of these straps is the float/retainer rolls out over the sunglasses when you are not using them, to protect them when they are rolling around in the car!



The Buff is our most versatile piece of headwear. A Buff is a tube of seamless, stretchy fabric that fits around the head in a variety of ways. We like the High UV Buff - it provides 95% protection from UV rays. The fabric is called CoolMax Extreme - it wicks moisture away, so that the fabric stays warm in cool weather and doesn't get too hot in the summer.


We like the SunGuard style, pulled right up over the nose, or down as a Neck Gaitor. For those with longer fly-away hair the Foulard and the Hairband are useful. The Hood is a good one to use over a cap if your hair is slippery, as it stops the cap flying away! As a Neckerchief or Wristband it is out of the way if you are not in the sun.