Wavedance Kayaks


Versatility & Comfort

Equally at home in the sea, rivers, lakes and streams, all Wavedance kayaks can be used for the sport of kayaking or as a platform for other recreational pursuits such as swimming, fishing and diving.The open-top design allows complete freedom of movement, suits most body shapes and is roomy enough for young children (or perhaps the family dog) to accompany adult paddlers. 

Strength & Speed

The seamless, roto-moulded, superlinear polyethylene construction is much stronger than fibreglass. It handles everyday knocks effortlessly and is UV stabilised. The smooth hull means greater speed through the water, while the deck’s surface is textured to be non-slip. The underwater contours and configura- tion achieve an excellent stability to speed ratio and they ensure the crafts track well (go straight) with no need for a rudder. 

Load Capacity & Lightness

Fully detailed with equipment securing points and hatches to under-deck storage, Wavedance kayaks are ideal for camping trips, picnics, or for carrying gear to favourite fishing and diving sites. Designed to be lightweight and easily transported on a car roof. 

Safety & Stability

Great stability in a wide range of conditions from smooth water to surf means Wavedance kayaks do not tip readily (as do many kayaks) and are easy to get in and out of even from deep water. A grabline edging the rim provides a handhold, as well as bow and stern handles. Self-bailing outlets (scupper holes) drain water from the cockpit. A choice of vibrant colours provides high visibility on the water. 

Trak Portable Kayaks


 The TRAK Seeker is based on the indigenous Greenland design but replaces skin on bone with a modern tough-as-nails polyurethane fabric and a hi-tech aerospace aluminum frame. The hull design has distinctive hard chines and a V-shape for speed and tracking.The hard chine design allows for excellent edging and great secondary stability. This allows for advanced paddling techniques to be applied in a wide variety of conditions.

The Seeker ST 16 is a truly go-anywhere, go-anytime kayak. Store it in your closet, pack it in your trunk, check it on the plane and shake it out in 10 minutes or less… to be on anywater on the planet. There’s nothing like it, that combines all the advantages of a folding kayak, with the most easy set-up on the market and the durability and performance of a hard shell. TRAK makes the world’s only performance kayak that fits in a golf bag. That means we can ship a 16 foot boat in a 4 foot box to almost anywhere in the world in 3 days. You can be on the water in no time. 

Fishing Kayaks

We recommend our range of quality fishing kayaks by Wavedance, Perception Sport and Wilderness Systems. There are additional fishing kayaks available in these brands not listed below - if you have something else in mind call us to discuss your kayak fishing needs.

Available for equipment hire/demo at our shop at 37 Jetty Road Sandringham:

  • Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120
  • Wilderness Systems Tarpon 130 (double)
  • Perception Sport Pescador 12
  • Wavedance Kingfisher