Recreational Sea Kayak
Course - 3 Hours

The Recreational Sea Kayak Course gives you the fundamental skills to paddle safely and efficiently in enclosed waters with others. It covers a range of topics: interpret weather conditions, dress appropriately for the range of conditions and understand the advantages and limitations of your kayak. Join us for expert tuition in small groups with a ratio 1 instructor 6 participants. This course was developed for transport safety Victoria Under the guidelines of Canoeing Australia to promote safe and enjoyable kayaking.

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The Recreational Sea Kayak Course is:

  • a 3 hour intensive session

  • followed by 1 hour complimentary kayak hire – taken within 6 months

  • held at our Training Centre 37 Jetty Rd Sandringham. We are situated on the beach and accessible by public transport

  • an ideal introduction to sea kayaking before you head off on your Antarctic cruise.

  • also available as private tuition or 1:1 by appointment during the week or weekends at additional cost

Program Dates


Recreational Sea Kayak Course - 3 hour


9am - 12 noon


Saturday 26 October 2019
Sunday 24 November 2019
Saturday 7 December 2019
Saturday 4 January 2020
Saturday 1 February 2020
Saturday 21 March 2020

Limited dates scheduled but you can take the course by Private Tuition (personalised tuition for just you or you and a friend or two - $180 each for 3 hours) or get your own group of 4 to 6 together and we will schedule a class for you - midweek or some weekends possible. 

Email us if you would like to organise a private class.

The Program

The Program covers

  • How to interpret weather conditions

  • Kayak clothing and personal protection equipment (PPE)

  • Kayak design and which one suits you and your kayaking needs

  • Basic kayak skills and strokes

  • Assisted Deep Water rescue techniques

How much & what does it include?

  • $90 includes all kayak equipment and spray jacket

  • Qualified and experienced instructor

  • 1 hrs complimentary kayak hire

  • Children under 14 are free but must be accompanied by an adult in a Double Sea Kayaks

  • Extra equipment hire - wetsuit $15

6 Reasons to do our Recreational Sea Kayak Course

  1. Fun, fun, fun. Good kayaking skills means you can have more fun on the water.

  2. Become a better paddler faster! Good instruction means you can gain skills immediately

  3. Increased confidence

  4. Good habits from the beginning

  5. Our small group sessions are supportive and enjoyable.

  6. Some stuff is just too hard to learn from books - we believe in “learning by doing”.

Recreational Sea Kayak Course Testimonials

Great Intro Course For Kayaking

A mate and I just completed the 3hr Intro course for kayaking with Rohan Kofler and Annalise and I must say what a great experience it was. Rohan clearly has the skill, knowledge and maturity to deliver the right blend of enthusiasm and caution for new kayak recruits.
I would highly recommend EastCoast Kayaking as the go to people for your next kayaking experience.
We will be how much is that new kayak ?

-Mark S

Top Notch Enjoyment

I had an awesome time! I highly recommend this course. The instruction by Raia was excellent, professional and relaxed at the same time. I felt confident in the kayak very quickly thanks to her. There were 5 of us doing the course and everybody seemed to have a great time whilst learning a lot too. We are now going to do the 2 day Sea Starter course and I can't wait!

- Jinnie