Neoprene Gloves - OceanPro Reef Pro

When the water is cold you need more than a sun glove. Neoprene has great insulating properties and will keep your wet hands warm. For paddling it is important to retain good feeling and dexterity in your hands - in the event of a capsize you must be able to feel and manipulate your holy-moly-crap strap if you are wet exiting.

Ocean Pro Reef Pro gloves have a warm insulating neoprene back and soft, flexible abrasion-resistant palm and fingertip area for greater dexterity and feeling, while also protecting the hands from blistering and sharp encounters in the marine environment!

The next most important feature of a glove is the fit - make sure you get the size to fit you not 'one-size-fits-most' or you will get cold water flush from loose poorly fitting gloves. Ocean Pro Reef Pro gloves come in a range of sizes from XS to XXL and also have a velcro wrist strap to cinch the glove closed at the wrist.

These are great gloves for cold water paddling, also for diving, snorkelling and ocean swimming.