MIRAGE 22 & 22S"/>

MIRAGE 22 & 22S


Mirage Sea Kayaks have had over 20 years of kayak building experience. They have evolved over this time to stay with the changing trends of paddlers needs and have a solid outfitting of standard features. If you then combine these features with the many customisable options that are available, a Mirage Sea Kayak can see you through every level of your paddling life.

The Mirage 22 is equipped with three watertight hatches for maximum storage capacity, whilst the Mirage 22-S boasts two hatches.

With its high-load storage capacity, the Mirage 22 is a very fast, very stable touring boat.

The 22-S is a narrower, faster, full-blown race boat - designed principally for the sea kayak racing enthusiast. It has an unmatched record in ocean racing events, and is virtually unbeaten.

Weight - Fibreglass Weight - Kevlar Beam Length
26kg / 57lb 23kg / 51lb 57.5cm / 23" 6.7m / 22 ft