Mirage 730 (Doubles) Fiberglass, Kevlar + Freight & accessories"/>

Mirage 730 (Doubles) Fiberglass, Kevlar + Freight & accessories


Mirage Sea Kayaks have had over 20 years of kayak building experience. They have evolved over this time to stay with the changing trends of paddlers needs and have a solid outfitting of standard features. If you then combine these features with the many customisable options that are available, a Mirage Sea Kayak can see you through every level of your paddling life.

The 730 has proven itself on major ocean expeditions, including a 310km crossing of one of Australia's most demanding oceans, Bass Strait, which separates the Australian mainland from Tasmania. This was achieved at an average of over 10km/hr.

The Mirage Doubles are true thoroughbreds in kayak design giving excellent stability and tracking. They are a fast and stable kayak allowing safe and quick passage to any destination in the best or worst of conditions.

The Doubles are equipped with three watertight hatches and four bulkheads for maximum watertight storage capacity & strength. The fore and aft compartments provide huge storage capacity whilst the day hatch is offset and within easy reach for the aft paddler whilst out on the water. They can be ordered with the rudder pedals operated by the forward or aft paddler.

They include the entire range of Mirage standard features such as maintenance free integrated rudder, flush deck fittings, adjustable foot controls, choice of colours, deck lines and an unsurpassed finish.

Weight - Fibreglass Weight - Kevlar Beam Length
35kg / 77 lbs 32kg / 70 lbs 61cm / 24.5" 7.3m / 24 ft