kayak outfitting

Kayak Clothing: Introduction

“It's better to be hot and bothered than cold and emotional”  -  You can always cool down, but you can't always warm up! The right clothing is vital to your comfort and safety when on and off the water.

Portable Stoves and Accessories

Portable Stoves and Accessories

One stove does not meet all needs. The type of stove you choose may vary depending on the journey and the group. Always be aware of your group’s individual cooking and tea/coffee making needs and tailor fuel quantities accordingly. Become familiar with your stove’s fuel usage before you expedition.

Keeleazy Protective Strip

In an ideal world we would like to think we take such good care of our kayaks that they would never get scraped along the sand or have close encounters with submerged rocks or even dragged up the beach (ouch!), but let’s face it – most of us will subject our kayak’s hull to abrasion, scrapes and chips at some time.