Lavacore socks

These socks are the warmest around and very comfortable. The fleecy inner is thick and warm - my feet are toasty warm in winter even though they are wet.

Like the Lavacore tops and pants, Lavacore socks are made of Polytherm, so they are warm and have a great 4-way stretch for maximum comfort.

These socks are a 3 piece construction, so they have a 'sole' piece, so there is no seam pressing into the bottom of your foot,. The seams are flatlock stitched so there is no seam pressing in.

Socks are not just great for keeping wet feet warm, but they also protect them from bitey bugs that seem to invade when you are on land at lunchtime and during camp set up, and they also protect against abrasion when the inevitable sand infiltrates your paddling shoes and creates a nasty rub point.