Sharkskin Chillproof socks

These socks are the warmest around and very comfortable. The fleecy inner is thick and warm - my feet are toasty warm in winter even though they are wet.

Chillproof is an aquatic specific, windchill proof, 3-layer composite material with the thermal properties of a 3mm neoprene wetsuit that has been developed for watersports athletes.

As with the Chillproof tops and bottoms, the comfortable fleece layer lies next to the skin and wicks moisture away to help keep your feet dry and warm. The middle layer is 100% windproof yet breathable and the outer layer is a nylon/lycra blend for abrasion resistance and 4 way stretch.

These socks are a 3 piece construction, so they have a 'sole' piece, so there is no seam pressing into the bottom of your foot,. The seams are flatlock stitched so there is no seam pressing in.

Socks are not just great for keeping wet feet warm, but they also protect them from bitey bugs that seem to invade when you are on land at lunchtime and during camp set up, and they also protect against abrasion when the inevitable sand infiltrates your paddling shoes and creates a nasty rub point.

Adrenalin 3mm Neoprene Socks

These 3mm neoprene socks are a great product for keeping your wet feet warm, summer or winter and have the added bonus of keeping the sand away from your feet - reducing abrasion and discomfort when paddling or walking around. They also will cover that gap betweemn your long pants and shoes that sandflies and other biting insects attack.

The Adrenalin 3mm neoprene sock is made of 3 pieces of high quality neoprene, so it is flat-stitched around the rim of the 'sole' piece - no raised seams to rub or constrict.

You still need to wear paddling shoes! Socks alone cannot protect you against sharp objects you might step on and you will unnecessarily wear through them walking around on rough surfaces.

These socks are great for wearing inside your water shoes or fins for a wide variety of water sports.

Adrenalin Dive Sock - note robust paddling water shoe!

Adrenalin Dive Sock - note robust paddling water shoe!

NRS Kicker Remix Booties

These booties tick all the boxes for a paddling bootie! They have a flexible sole so you can feel the foot pegs and still fit your feet down the end of the cockpit, but the sole is thick enough to protect you against the sharp objects you might encounter at landing and launching.

The 3mm neoprene upper helps keep your feet warm - add some thermal or neoprene socks for added warmth in cold waters. These booties are durable - they will not wear out too quickly.

You want your booties to stay on - not fall off if you take a swim in surf or have them sucked off in glutinous low-tide muddy environments (Don't go there! Wait for the tide to come in!). These booties have a small opening at the top so they are high on your foot (helps keep sand out) and with a drawstring - the opening might be tight but it helps keep them on.

Sea To Summit Ultra-flex Booties

The Sea to Summit Ultra-flex booties are good paddling booties with flexible sole, good foot coverage (above the ankle) and have a velcro strap to help keep them on in sticky, muddy situations.

The sole is curved around the toes to give more protection. It is a fairly soft sole which will allow you to 'feel' your footpegs easily and will not inhibit your feet at the end of the cockpit, but this is a compromise whereby the sole does not offer as much protection or slip-resistance as some. 

Nice bright colour and it is definitely a cut above reef-walkers, but if you want a booties that is more robust you should consider the NRS Kicker Remix booties.